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Building.  (v) to establish, increase, or strengthen (often followed by up ): to build a business; to build up one’s hopes.

Let MMB and LA Productions help you define your business as a leader in its industry through the power of video production.  Our team of producers, directors, videographers, editors and rich vocal talent can develop an eye catching product to tell your story.  The professionals at MMB are hand picked to create your script, scenery, lighting, makeup and post production special effects.  We handle everything from soup to nuts.

Looking to rent a studio for the day? We’ve got that too.  Take a tour of one of our fully operational, fully manned studios.  Our space includes lighting, newsroom sets and full HD quality Sony cameras.

MMB is ready to help you BUILD your dream video.

Branding. (v) to promote as a brand name.

The specialists at MMB and LA Productions understand how important it is to have a good name.  We encourage our clients by creating a top notch video which highlights their accomplishments and promotes the business.  Our team of professionals is ready and able to become a part of your marketing arm through commercials, educational/instructional videos, presentations and luncheon videos.  We will help you reach your mark and increase awareness of your brand the video production.

Buzzing. (n) a feeling of intense enthusiasm, excitement, or exhilaration:

Every business wants to get the word out to potential customers but how can we do it effectively? The professionals at MMB and LA Productions have the answer. Our team knows how to create commercials and TV series which will create a BUZZ about your business or charity. Let our video specialists work with you to create the right wording, tempo and music to enhance your business presence.

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Media Liaison | Guest Booker

Media Buzz relies on a wealth of industry contacts to secure spots on national television and radio shows.  We delve into the news headlines and national observances to create the right “hook” that producers and bookers are looking for and in turn it will garner more media buzz for your company.

Media Coaching

Media Buzz provides media training to help your public spokesman gain confidence and project a positive image.  We know what producers are looking for.  Let us answer questions like: What does it take to get booked and be invited back again?  How can I become a sought after “expert”?   Media Buzz coaches you through a one on one interview and shows you what to expect in a television studio or radio program.

media icon 2Media Contact

Media Buzz creates tailor made press releases and guest pitches designed to grab broadcast television, satellite and Internet radio attention.  We distribute your fine tuned “pitch” to our contacts with hundreds of print journalists, online media and television producers in order to grow your audience.

Video Production

Let us create your unique video project or commercial. We do it all from soup to nuts.  Script writing, on site or in studio production, professional grade editing, makeup and more.